2011 FILM FAVOURITES: #12 – The Tree of Life

Alright, perhaps the most controversial film on the list. I’m sure I’ll have some people up in arms about this. Terrence Malick is an interesting director. He’s incomparable, he’s complex, but above all, he’s a visionary of the highest order. His films are hard to digest at times, but you can never question the absolute beauty that accompanies them. The Tree of Life has polarized critics (lol, not gonna mention audiences. psh, audiences don’t go see Terry Malick films. Only hardcore cinephiles see Terry Malick films.) with some claiming it’s the masterpiece to end all masterpieces and some calling it a disaster.

I won’t go as far as to say it’s the ultimate masterpiece, because I definitely prefer some of his earlier films to this, but The Tree of Life is a remarkable feat. It encapsulates some of the most broadest themes and puts it in the most simplest terms. How do you summarize the history of all of mankind in one film alone? I have some qualms with some aspects of the pacing and such, but the imagery in this film is enough to warrant a spot on this list for me. I’m just speechless.

I still think this film is bigger than me, but god knows I love it to bits.


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