2011 FILM FAVOURITES: #14 – The Trip

Oh, yes. The glory that is Michael Winterbottom’s The Trip. Originally a six-part BBC series, the show was edited and adapted to a feature length in order for it to have a global cinematic release. I require everyone to get up out of their seats right now and bow at the feet of Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon for their glorious performances in the film. As a fan of British comedy, I am a diehard fan of these two and The Trip is them at their finest. The pair play fictionalized versions of themselves embarking on a restaurant road trip. Sure the comedy is absolutely perfect and their impressions – oh my sweet lord, their impressions – are gold, but this film has finally proven their ability to be considered serious, dramatic actors, Coogan especially. Last I heard there was to be a follow-up series and I wait with bated breath.

This film is an absolute masterpiece and just perfectly crafted in every respect. Available to you now on DVD, blu ray and also, Netflix instant! Please do check it out. Genius work.


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