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2011 FILM FAVOURITES: #13 – Contagion

Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion is a taut mystery. I’ve always been such an enormous fan of Soderbergh’s because the cinematography and lighting in his films are so intriguing. You have to respect a man who is his own director of photography! It’s impossible to walk away from a film like this and not shudder after every little cough, every little wipe of the nose on the sleeve. That’s what I love about this film in particular is how Soderbergh manages to evoke fear mostly through the medium itself and does not resort to just letting the story scare you. Cliff Martinez’s (who also scored 2011 darling Drive) score is electrifying and quite nerve-wrecking too, to be honest.

Soderbergh is a dream for budding film students, by the way. If you’re at all interested in making your own films, look into his credits and check out some more of his films. You could learn a lot from the way he works. He’s not just a great technical director but fortunately there’s a lot to appreciate from the content of his films as well. Contagion explores a lot of universal themes, but obviously deals the most with mass hysteria.

Contagion also features a RIDICULOUSLY talented ensemble of actors that almost seems neverending. Apparently you were a nobody if you didn’t manage to snag a role in this film. Like even a cameo or something. Matt Damon and Kate Winslet deserve shoutouts because they were way too good. Also, Bryan Cranston is in this, guys! *flails about*


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