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2011 FILM FAVOURITES: #9 – Jane Eyre

I’ll give you this: until I saw the film for myself, I was convinced this was going to be a disaster. The trailer is not all that enticing and Mia Wasikowska bores me. However I was floored once I finally saw it. This adaptation of the Charlotte Bronte classic is by Cary Fukunaga, whose previous film Sin Nombre is so good that I’m clenching my fists in order to refrain from typing up a gushy review of that instead of what I’m doing now. But back to Jane Eyre! This is a period piece to die for, oh my god, it’s so pretty to look at. I want to give that art director a hug for being so good to my eyeballs. I tried coming up with a list of reasons of what makes this film so good, but the biggest appeal for me is just generally the look of the film. All year long I’ve seen some phenomenal films, but for some reason my heart remains loyal to this one. I can’t shake it off.

Once again, like most of 2011’s films, Jane Eyre features an ensemble cast who are all #winning. I feel obligated to inform you that Jamie Bell is in this film, and that alone should be reason enough to be sold on it.


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